Inmunet Protect


Complementary antivirus that does not slow down your PC


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Inmunet Protect is a really light antivirus that offers full protection based in the cloud and that will give you extra protection against virus, spyware, bots, worms, Trojans and keyloggers. All this without slowing down your PC and compatible with your common antivirus.

The main advantage of Immunet Protect is that it shares several antivir databases updated daily and in real time due to its cloud nature.

If any Immunet user discovers and eliminates any virus, the rest of Immunet users will be automatically protected against it.

It scans the system really quickly and the results of the analysis are very good, in addition, it doesn't consume a lot of resources, so you can run it at anytime, i won't disturb you.

Finally, Immunet is not thought to be the only antivirus in the system, but to work in collaboration with your common antivirus and grant you extra protection.
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